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Battery information


Sealed lead acid battery (LA)

Lead acid batteries are old and faithful technology. They are very heavy and don't like to be discharged until they are flat. These batteries can be recycled.

Nickel cadmium (NiCad)
Nickel cadmium are still heavy and insist on being run flat to avoid the memory effect, that means you think you have a full battery but you don't. If treated well, can be recharged many times. Cadmium is not an environmentally friendly substance and can't be recycled.

Nickel metal hydride NiMHNiMH batteries are the mid weight Steady- Eddie of batteries and can be recycled. They're not as fussy as Ni Cad's and have a recharge capacity of that between the lead acid and the NiCads.

Lithium based (Li)
Lithium based batteries are coming into the electric bike market more and more these days the Technology is very lightweight and will be the way of the future (for a while anyway). Scientists have now got over the safety issues as more research has been done.