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Frequently asked questions

Regenerative Braking
Q- Do electric bikes recharge the batteries when going down hill?
A- Regeneration is now possible on some electric bikes, it is said it can increase range by up to15%.

Q- How far can you go on a charge
A- This depends on your weight, how much you want to pedal and the size of the battery on your bike. An average size person with average pedalling input on a level surface is how the manufacturers work out their range. So range can be from 15 to 35 miles depending on your choice of bike and battery. Ring us if you would like more advice.
Recharging batteries
Q- How long does it take for batteries to recharge
A- This depends on the charger and the battery you have, some charge as quickly as 2 hours and others take 8; on average about 6.

The Law
Q- What is the law concerning electric bikes in the UK
A- If you are over the age of 14 you can ride an electric bike on the road. It should weigh less than 40kgs (60Kgs for tandems and trikes) have usable pedals, a motor not more than 200 watts continuous rating (250 for tandems and trikes), and not go faster than 15 mph. No insurance, Tax, or MOT is needed.

Are they efficient
Q-How efficient are electric bikes
A-They are very efficient, with the cost of petrol and the amount of it that gets turned into heat. An electric bike in car terms will get over 1000 miles per gallon!

Conversion kits
Q- can I convert my own bike to electric.
A- Yes you can. There are some good conversion kits on this site. How quick
How much quicker is an electric bike than a normal bike?
I find that with my electric bike I can 1/2 my journey time compared to a push bike. Apart from going faster I find the range I will travel by bike has much more than doubled.

The Presteigne Rally 08
Q- what is the date for the Presteigne Electric bike rally this year.
A- It is on the HerefordshirePowys border and linked with the Eco Fair. The date is May 18th.

How Quiet
Q- how much noise do they make
A- Electric bikes are Quiet. Some of them you have a job to hear, even when cycling in the countryside

Q- Are electric bikes suitable for commuting?
They are an excellent way to start the day. People that commute on electric bikes find they can beat the traffic, go a more scenic direct way, not get to work sweaty, Save money on parking and fuel and enjoy their trip into work. Some park their car out side town or use a train to combine their trip with a folding bike.

Q- What are the ecological advantages of riding an electric bike?
A- There are so many reasons to get out of your car and go electric - see Environmental Matters

The benefits
Q- What are the benefits of riding electric
A- I have written a page on what the benefits are.

Electric bike gearing
Q- Are different electric bikes geared differently
A- Yes some electric bikes are more designed for steep hill climbing and others are geared for more of a top speed and if you want to have both then you need to to think about getting a more powerful motor for your personal needs click here for our contact details.

Exploring the countryside
Q- Are electric bikes good for exploring the wilderness
A- Yes electric bikes are awesome for exploring places that are off the beaten track. If you want to escape the masses for a peaceful ride or walk then this is the ideal mode of transport to get you deeper into nature.

Q- What sort of guarantee do you give?
We will accept back your electric bike in a test ridden condition and exchange it for another. See the Gaurantte blog

Q- What is the cost of an electric bike?
A- for an electric bike that will do the job prices start at about £450

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