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" Straight from the horses mouth "

Peter fom West Glamorgon
Heinzmann classic kit

Steve just drop you a line ,have finally got round to putting bike together and been for a ride . The quality of bike and electric parts are excellent quality ,the build up of the bike you did for me was also excellent.Thanks very much Peter Cross.


Paul from Reading
Heinzmann classic kit cheers Steve, received yesterday, well pleased
as you know already --- excellent pulling the trailer (this is a real plus for me) and rather dangerous and fun off road in the non eco mode like a little scrambler (i put your detachable cable to the test when it ran away from me at one point today) really do like the off road!

i,ll give the commute a shot on Monday

thanks again,



Nigel from solihull
Heinzmann classic kit

I am very grateful for all your efforts with my order,

and hope the experience is positive, rather than

hassle...you have a very happy customer.

Had a great ride today, it really takes the effort

away from starts and junctions, but at all time feels

safe and controlable. The bike itself is very

comfortable and handles the roads with ease, look

forward to a bit of off road Friday!



Ian from Isle of Wight
Heinzmann classic kit

Hi Steve,
many thanks, bike arrived safely, Ive put it together and took it for a spin. The bike fits me really well and tomorrow Ill take it through to newport along the bicycle path.
thanks again for building it, its a great bike!



Jim from Salisbury
Heinzmann classic kit With rucksack adaption

Hey Steve - Its up and running and fast! Check out the pic on the Muleblog

More soon!




Robin from Chester
Heinzmann classic kit

Ride to work went well today. Hills were an absolute doddle. Got to work feeling good about myself that I had had some exercise ‘but not too much if you know what I mean’. Took a longer route than normal (13miles) that was quite hilly and the battery had just moved to half charged when I got there so quite pleased. Charged in work and because the ride home is more downhill the battery stayed almost fully charged.
The lads in work were fascinated by it and all wanted a go around the car park, no one got off it without a big grin on their face.
Best quote ‘that’s wicked I expected it to look a right shed when you told me about it but it looks the business’


Paul From Reading
Heinzmann classic kit

Cheers Steve, received yesterday, well pleasedas you know already --- excellent pulling the trailer (this is a real plus for me) and rather dangerous and fun off road in the non eco mode like a little scrambler (i put your detachable cable to the test when it ran away from me at one point today) really do like the off road!


Anneliese From York
Heinzmann classic kit

It's fantastic! It's enabled me to go places and do things I couldn't before. Life changing! I'm so pleased there's now someone near me selling decent electric bikes. Steve at Electric Mountain Bikes has been great - delivered the bike to my door!'


Martin from Chertsey
-Bionx kit

We investigated the possibility of adding an electric motor to our existing bike and contacted Steve at electricmountainbikes.com for more information. After an extremely informative and useful exchange by email and phone, we decided to travel up to Steve’s base (right in the middle of the North York Moors National Park rather than deal by post.

Booking into the Caravan Club site at Rosedale, we spent a few days exploring while he converted our bike. What a fantastic area. Good pub food on our doorstep, a local bakery and village shop, good hiking and gorgeous scenery. Well, the great day arrived and Steve delivered our bike – we then had great fun “testing it out”, cycling around the local area, also part of an old railway line on the coast from Robins Hood Bay to Whitby.

We were extremely impressed with Steve's professional and friendly service. The motor and battery are compact, the range/versatility/ease of use great. As his speciality is folding bikes with electric motors – excellent for most motorhomers – we recommend, if like us you are beginning to feel the old muscles pull when cycling up hills, checking out his website.


Mike and Helen from Swanage
Heinzmann direct drive retrofit kit

Hi Steve,

A few words as promised :-

Anyone who has spent time in Swanage will realise that you need a good pair of lungs and decent set of leg muscles to traverse the hills on a daily basis at anything more than a crawl. Having retired here permanently a few years ago, the legs and lungs were getting plenty of use, however our existing mountain bikes had little use during this time.

I started looking around at the electric bike options, talking to locals who had purchased off the shelf solutions, trying to determine what would give best value and would fully meet our requirements. I talked to a number of bike shops, including my local one Charlie the Bikemonger. They had recently had contact with Steve and recommended I talk to him.

After a lengthy and informative telephone conversation with Steve, I came to the conclusion I would like to retain our existing bikes and convert to the Heinzmann Direct Drive as recommended by him.

Steve converted both within a few days and we have put them to good use since. My wife says that the bikes are just like driving an automatic car, but with the pleasure of the outdoor experience. I would add, its just very pleasant to be able to cycle together without having to wait at the top of every hill for her to catch up.

The Heinzmann solution is perfect for us, easy to charge, effortless to use, with a decent range in the battery and a solution inserted into our bikes without upsetting the balance and feel.

Thanks Steve.