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Yes - It is electric!! and invisible

Click below to see a video about the Gruber assist drive system 
Remeber: This is The Gruber assist and now all bikes are fitted with the Vivax Assist which is much much quieter. Here is a link to the Vivax Assist page for videos of the new Vivax system.

What's it all about?
The Electric Goat FOREST GLIDER Is set up with the Gruber / Vivax Assist electric bike conversion.
The Gruber assist has been silenced and is now the Vivax assist, Same company, same reliability, just a lot quieter so a new name was needed.
VIVA!! (as in Latin for celebrate life) instead of GRUBER (the inventors name) 
The electric drive kit weighs only 1.8 Kg's.
The motor is hidden inside the same tube the seat post tube. (You can't see it.)
The electronics are inside the seat post itself. (Invisible too.)
The drive system is very close to silent. The motor is hardly audible above the sound of the tyres.
Rider control is from a button on the handlebars On and Off - simple but effective.
The range is very good, I would say 20 miles plus from the 1 Kg battery with an average rider on average UK terrain. (if you find this hard to believe please give us a ring and we will explain in more detail why all this is possible)

The Riding experience
The difference when riding with this kit is that the drive comes through the bottom bracket so therefore gives you assistance in which ever gear you are in, so if you are in top gear you can be whistling along at 20+ mph or if you are in a low gear climbing a hill the motor will also be performing at its optimal power and gives a very impressive amount of torque to get you to the top. Do not think that because the motor is small that it does not give a good level of assistance - It does.
When comparing to the Heinzmann it is like comparing chalk and cheese. The Heinzmann has a very powerful motor that will take you up very steep hills quickly and with minimal effort from the rider. The Vivax Assist is not the kind of machine you would choose if you wanted an electric moped where as the Heinzmann could fit the bill. The Gruber Assist is definitely for a cyclist who wants assistance and good hill climbing assistance. You will find the assistance to be strong, but on steep hills climbing ability is very noticeable, definitely the difference between getting off and pushing... or not!! Just try switching off the assistance on a 20% hill and see what happens, " not short of a miracle my customers have quoted!". 
The main difference after say climbing a long 15% hill your breathing will still be under control and a feeling of blimey that is definitely the way forward, and because the climbing speed is not that much quicker,  your battery consumption will be minimal too. 
It is surprising how climbing hills at speed effects battery consumption. A bit like driving a car with a heavy foot soon empties the fuel tank.

The Price
We build GOATS to customer specs, pleae contact us for a quote.

Only quality parts used when putting together Goat bikes.

More Vivax Assist information
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Vivax Assist conversion kit

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