A New Breed... of Custom On and Off-Road Lightweight Electric Bikes.

The Heinzmann conversion (retro fit kit)

The 2 bikes Below have a standard retro fit kit fitted. (battery in the pannier)
Click here to Check out the Electric Paratrooper Folding Bike above (which has a customised heinzmann retro fit kit - the battery is carried in a rucksack)
Heinzmann electric bikes and kits are made in Germany - a country that is renowned world over for it's engineering skills & reliability; their bikes and kits are the BMW's in the electric biking world.
Their bikes and likewise retofit kits are custom built and configured to order so there are a large array of extras such as upgraded suspension, front forks, right down to upgraded tyres and much more. Tell us what you let us help you build what you want or what you need either way we will do our best to help.
Heinzmann Retro fit kit Heinzmann make both motors for the front and rear wheel with varying hill climbing abilities and speed capabilities.The Heinzmann kits cater to the on and off road market. There are two types of hand throttles to choose from, either a twist grip "Motorcycle style" throttle or a thumb throttle.
From April 08 Heinzmann have made a few smart changes in the technology department. Firstly they have joined the 21st century with their relentlessly tested lithium technology batteries, thus saying goodbye to the having to the dreaded memory effect. Now we can recharge after each ride. (much more simple) The Weight of this new technology battery is a fraction of the old Ni Cad and Ni-Mh batteries. Now the new batteries are stored in the neat purpose built pannier on the rack , giving it more of a swish look. Those of us that choose to put the batteries in our rucksacks are enjoying the lighter weight .The Heinzmann retrofit kit comes with 2 different lithium ion battery sizes to suit range needs and differently geared and powered motors to choose from, front or rear wheel drive, and a choice of thumb operated or twist grip throttles. Press the eco mode button to extend your battery range.
Whats is in the Heinzmann Retro fit Kit
Electric Assist possible with or without pedalling (e-bike) consisting:• 36V motor• Twist-grip• Battery• Battery soft case• Control unit• Battery charger• Luggage carrier• Connection cable
The Motor Heinzman make a choice of motors - there are torquey motors that will propel you up a 15% hill without even pedalling and flyers that will take you up to 25 mph, these motors don't have the low geared torque for climbing steep hills, but boy when you build up a head of steam they don't hal go!!. Then there are variations between the two. Please ring me to discuss the best motor for your needs- 01458 550304
Below is a list of some of the available motors and their specifications.
"If you are still shopping around you might like to compare these figures with other kits. If you are concearned about the amount of assistace find out what % hill the bike will climb without pedaling with an 11 stone rider." (our answers are below)
Front Hub Motors :
Top speed 14mph 1 , 43 Newton meters, 25,Amps max, 200 Watts (S1 continuous), 12% Hill climbing without pedaling,
Top speed 13mph 1 , 50 Newton meters, 28Amps max, 200Watts (S1continuous), 15% Hill climbing without pedalling
Top speed 15mph, 53 Newton meters, 33 Amps max, 200 Watts (S1continuous), 15% Hill climbing
3 870-00-751-4930
Top speed 21mph 2, 36 Newton meters, 33 Amps max, 500 Watts (S2 duty), synthetic gears, 9% Hill climbing
Rear Hub Motors:
Top speed 14mph 1, 43 Newton meters, 25 Amps max, 200 Watts (S1continuous), 12% Hill climbing,
Top speed 13mph 1, 50 Newton meters, 28 Amps max, 200Watts (S1 continuous), 15% Hill climbing
Top speed 15mph 3 , 53 Newton meters, 33 Amps max, 200 Watts (S1 continuous), 15% Hill climbing,
Top speed 21mph 2, 36Newton meters, 33 Amps max, 500 Watts (S2 duty), 9% Hill climbing,
NOTE : Hill climbing ability and speed based on 26” wheels – smaller wheels will give better climbing ability but lower top speed; larger wheels will give lower climbing ability but higher top speed.
Key1. UK road legal2. Not UK road legal3. UK road legal up to 26” wheelsOther motor types are available, pricing on request.
Generally as the top speed increases hill climbing gets harder, If you want big range and full power ring us 01458 550304 The ThrottleDimensions 24 cm x 18 cm x 8 cm
The throttle is the twist type that works in a very similar way to that on a motorcycle .Also it has a very accurate led display to tell you the state of charge of your battery which can be dimmed for night use saving you from the glare that stops you from seeing where you are going (very clever idea). The green button is an eco mode switch which when on will extend your range by giving a lower level of assistance whilst accelerating, thus saving battery power and extending your range (Both very useful additions). The red button is an on / off switch.
The Battery The battery Is lithium Ion technology and comes in 2 capacities, they are both 36 volts and one is 5.2 Amp hours giving you pedal assistance for 19 miles and weighing 1.9 Kgs. The other has a capacity of 9.6 Amp hours 30 miles weighing 3.4 Kgs.The battery has a compartment for the storage of the charger . On the top it has one port for the charger and one for the lead going to the controller under the seat during use. Also you can make out on the top an led display telling you an accurately the state of charge. This is secondary to the display on the handlebars. The charger will work on 100 - 240 volts AC.
Rack & Panniers
As standard the Heinzmann comes with the battery in a pannier mounted on a specific rack. Below the battery is in a rack bag. Panniers can be attached to the side of the rack for extra carrying capacity. Electric bikes are also often used with trailers. Please ask me if you are interested.
The Rack bag option
Topeak Rack bag and rach £85
Range in pedal assist mode is estimated at 20m (32km) for the 5.2Ah version and 32m(50km) for the 9.6Ah version (Based on average pedalling and 100kg total weight including rider).
Kits come with a single battery although additional batteries can be ordered to either double the range or allow a quick return after reaching your destination.These Li-Ion batteries incorporate the best in battery technology and quality and have undergone extensive testing alongside the Heinzmann drive system offering lower weight, increased range and greater flexibility, in terms of charging requirements .The batteries include their own battery management systems and charge status is shown locally on the battery case as well as on the digital twist grip.The batteries are designed to fit into a removable, weatherproof, soft fabric protection case with locking facilities and may be fitted to either side of the luggage carrier. Also inside a rucksack works well for the off roaders as it keeps the weight of the bike down which improves handlingBattery charging may be carried out on or off the bike.Charging times for the 5.2Ah and 9.6Ah are around 6 hours and 9 hours respectively.
For existing users of Heinzmann kits with 36V NiMHbattery technology, upgrading to Li-Ion is possible but will require controller modification.Weight Retrofit kit: approx. 7kg total weight with 1 battery (5.2Ah)approx. 9.3kg total weight with 2 battery boxes (5.2Ah)motor 3.5kg, Battery box (5.2Ah) 2.3kg
The rucksack compatible KIT
The rucksack compatible system as used on the paratrooper MTB is unique to Electric Mountain Bikes.com.
Why put the battery in a rucksack?
With the battery in a rucksack the bike handles much more like a normal bike as the centre of gravity and the weight of the bike is lowered, So on uneaven or tarmac going the difference is very noticable.There is a quick release connector just in case of pilot ejection for safety. Also the battery is out of sight to the onlooker as you inocently climb those 1:5 hills.
WarrantyWe offer a 2 year warranty on the kit,and 1 year on the battery
With standard battery pack
Spoked - £1211 (spoked into a Double rim , including spokes and labour)
Unspoked - £1126
With high capacity battery pack
Spoked - £1421 (spoked into a Mavic rim , including spokes and labour)
Unspoked - £1336
With standard battery pack
spoked - £1278 (spoked into a Mavic rim , including spokes and labour)
unspoked - £1196
With high capacity battery pack
spoked - £1488 (spoked into a Mavic rim , including spokes and labour)
unspoked - 1406
Hub motor £358
Mavic Rim, spokes and spoking up £82
6/ 7 speed freewheel £15
8 speed freewheel £18
9 speed freewheel £24
36 volt 5.2 Ah Lithium ion battery (20 mile range ) £385
36 volt 9.6 Ah Lithium ion battery (32 mile range) £595
36 volt 8 Ah Nimh replacement battery £552
Twist throttle £62 (with eco mode and battery status indicator and on off switch)
Controller £215
Li ion Charger £52
Nimh charger £130
Quick release battery cable £25
Topeak Rack & Rack Bag £85
Heinzman Rack £66
Heinzmann weaterproof padded battery bag £56
Call us on: 01458 550304