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Heinzmann direct drive Retrofit kit

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Heinzmann have brought out 2 new direct drive kits (2013), One with a down tube mounted battery and one with a rack mounted battery. There are various top speeds and different power and speed options in true Heinzmann style. Conversion kits and custom built electric bikes with this conversion kit are available from now. Ring steve for more info - 01458 550304

The new direct drive kits from Heinzmann have quite a host of features, and tick a lot of boxes that the Heinzmann classic kit do not, and also boxes that other electric bike and kit suppliers too have overlooked. 
However when it comes down to the question of powerful, hill climbing, weight bearing, power house, load moving, grunt... the Heinzmann classic kit for it's weight is not to be beaten.
Now, apart from pure grunt there are other factors that consumers want from an electric bike, and to be honest, customers have had to go elsewhere for them... until now! 

Advantages of the direct drive motor
So, "what are the advantages of this direct drive kit then" I hear you all asking. 
Well, It is near silent because of the brushless direct drive motor. A geared hub motor is not. so in a word refined is a good way to describe this new kit.
A silent automatic experience is what the market has been demanding (I have watched it grow year by year whilst visiting the largest trade show in Europe, Eurobike sinse 2008) and now Heinzmann has not only caught up with, but overtaken its competitors - just like that, whoosh!

Power from Regenerative braking
One of the first questions I am asked by a newcomer to electric bikes is, "does it charge the battery when you are pedaling or going down hill?". 
Most kits on the market do not, but this kit has 3 levels of regeneration, so if you are going down a big long hill, at the press of a button or by touching a special compatible brake lever with a switch in it, you are using the motor to slow you down , instead of wearing your brake pads out, and recharging your battery at the same time. Heinzmann say this can give you an extra 15% capacity on a journey. 
I am so glad that now I can answer this question with a "Yes" I will be forever grateful to Mr Heinzmann.

Disc brake compatible
Another great feature with this kit is that it is disc brake compatible so, if you want to put the motor either in the front or rear wheel and you run discs or vee brakes. 

Power delivery
Another very nice touch from Heinzmann is the way in which the power is delivered to the motor smoothly and automatically, via a  torque sensing bottom bracket. This is an automatic way of power delivery. Power is delivered proportionately to the tension on the chain basically. If you are cycling up Mt. Snowdon then there will be a lot, so the chain is tight and the power delivered is up to 60 Newton meters (that is a lot for any electric bike made by any manufacturer anywhere). 
Also this kit can be operated by a throttle in a configuration that is possible to be used legally on the road. As long as the pedals are turning (regardless of pressure applied by the rider.) So, to summerise, when you are cruising along country lanes or around town, the tension in the chain is low, and the assistance that the motor will giving will also be less and quite rightly so as there is no great demand for power. If you want more power on the flat then you move up a level with the assistance level button.

Also there is an option to de-restrict the controller to allow speeds above 25 kph (15 mph - road legal) to 40 kph (25 mph - not road legal) and it's possible enable use of a throttle without having to pedal at all.

There are 3 levels of assistance that can be set, so at the press of a button you can set the mode to suit your own current energy levels. Level 1 will give you 33% level 2 will give you 66% and level 3 100% of power available. This is controlled by 3 buttons mounted within easy reach of the handlebar grips, with a cable linking to the display screen which is mounted in the central position of the handlebars or just to one side as in the above picture.

Assisted Pullaway
Also a very clever idea that has been incorporated is to give the rider assistance in pulling away up hill or in any situation for that fact.
By pressing a button on set off it gives the rider a steady extra boost of power until 4 mph, by which time the rider is well and truly on their way and power will be abundant. 

LED Display
The display displays the remaining capacity of your battery with a 6 level indicator incorporated, showing which level of assistance you re currently using, The speed, total distance travelled, distance travelled since last reset, average speed and even the amount of time and the distance you will be able to travel at your current pace until your battery is empty. It has a backlight light so you can see the display at night and if this is all not enough, you can also set it up with a pin number so it will lock the motor to deter theft! Although I would advise the use of a good old fashioned bike lock too!

Another groundbreaker is battery recharge time. With a standard charger the largest 36 volt 14.25 Ah capacity down tube battery will recharge in 8 hours or 4 hours with Heinzmann’s fast charger. The 11 Ah rack mounted battery will recharge in 6 or 3 hours. Both batteries are watertight. 

Rack Mounted Battery
Another very noticeable feature you will see is the choice of the battery being either mounted on the rear rack as in the photo above or alternatively mounted on the down tube as in he picture below. Also the battery has magnetic connectors that will lock the connection into position and hold it solid. Batteries are locked to the bike and can only be removed by the keyholder. 
The battery can be charged on or off the bike. 

There are also 2 variations of the direct drive motor, One more powerful and with it a little heavier than the other boasting a capability of 60 Nm torque. They are both programmable, so this means speed restrictions can be lifted for off road use, which some folk will be pleased to hear. Also this Motor accepts a cassette instead of a screw on freewheel which just about puts the icing on the cake.

Technical data

Control unit
Operating voltage
36 V
Current max.
depending on version & usage 10 .. 33 A
PRA 180-25
Motor nominal voltage
22.8 VAC
250 W (DIN EN 60034-1)
Speed when riding on the level
depending on version & wheel diameter approx. 60 ... 330 1/min
Nominal torque
11.4 Nm
Impulse torque
up to 60 Nm
Thermal overload protection
Type KTY84-130
Motor diameter
Ø 220 mm
Front wheel motor approx. 4.5 kg
Rear wheel motor approx. 4.7 kg
Degree of protection
Lithium-ion battery
Nominal voltage
36 V

Capacity (Rack mounted)
Capacity (downtube)
  11 Ah  / 400 Wh
14.25Ah / 513 Wh
Charging time
approx. 6 h with charging current 2 A
Temperature range Normal operation
-10 …… 45 °C
10 …… 35 °C
-10 …… 45 °C

Heinzmann Direct Drive Rear rack mounted kits - from £1400 (with 36 Volt11Ah battery)
Heinzmann Direct Drive Downtube mounted kit  - from £1459 (36 volt 14.25 Ah Battery)
Spoking of motor into a quality rim with stainless spokes - £99
Mounting Kit to customers bike £150

Direct Drive - Spare Part prices
Direct Drive - Spare Part prices
Motor DP 180-25, FW, 250W, grey or black                               £410.00
Motor DP 180-25, RW, 250W, grey or black                               £460.00
Motor DP 180-30, RW, 500W, black, (not UK road legal)           £520.00
Torque sensor TDCM, 120mm, 300mm cable                            £140.00
Torque sensor TDCM, 120mm, 140mm cable                            £140.00
Torque sensor TDCM, 114mm, 300mm cable                            £140.00
Torque sensor TDCM, 114mm, 140mm cable                            £140.00
Torque sensor Thun, 128mm, 300mm cable                              £210.00
Twist grip                                                                                    £35.00
Speed sensor, right hand side                                                    £64.00
Speed sensor, left hand side                                                      £64.00
Magnetic disk                                                                             £10.00
KingMeter display, white, with separate button unit                   £95.00
KingMeter display, black, with separate button unit                   £95.00
Display holder double King Meter, 31.8mm                               £12.00
Display holder double King Meter, 22.0mm                               £12.00
Rear Rack Battery w/o controller                                               £420.00
Controller for rear rack battery with cable                                  £280.00
Spare set of keys for rear rack battery                                       £16.50
Downtube Battery, w/o controller                                               £490.00
Controller for downtube battery with cable                                £310.00
Twist grip cable                                                                          £32.00
Lighting cables                                                                           £10.00
Custom cable length, per cable                                                  £15.00
Charger, 2A, for rear rack battery                                              £69.00
Charger, 2A, for downtube battery                                             £69.00
Rear rack, Direct Power                                                             £50.00
Assembly Struts (2x per set)                                                      £9.00
Rear light for luggage rack,                                                        £24.00
Reflector for luggage rack                                                          £6.00

More Info

Here are some links to direct drive pdf 's from Heinzmann.

Below is an overveiw pdf

Below is the user manual that comes with every kit.

Below is instructions for fitting the direct drive kits

below is heinzmann information about the direct drive down tube battery

below is heinzmann information about the direct drive rack mounted battery

Below are the dimensions needed to fit he downtube battery.
There should be no problem fitting the battery to a standard frame over 18".

Here is a video made by Heinzmann showing how to fit the system with the rear rack Kit.