A New Breed... of Custom On and Off-Road Lightweight Electric Bikes.

Sunstar e-bike kit

Sunstar have been perfecting their electric bike kit for over 10 years now and so are by no means new to the electric bike scene. They are a Japanese company with their Head Quarters in Switzerland they employ 4000 people. They have been making parts for bicycles since the 1930's.

Sunstar electric bike motor with upgraded CNC chainwheel. Available with many different tooth counts from 39 to 52+

Please call to ask about fitting double chainrings if you are interested.

Sunstar electric bike motor with standard 41 or 48 tooth chainwheel fitted.

Sunstar Review
Here is a link to an independent review of the Sunstar.
Sunstar e-bike kit reveiw

Geared motor
Crank drive kits have a different perspective compared with hub motor drive kits... Because the motor has all the gears of the bike to run through, this gives i a distinct advantage when it comes to the factor of weight,  because if you have a smaller motor working through lots of gears the motor can always be running at it's most efficient, therefore consuming less electricity and conserving weight. Also the motor can be reduced in size because it doesn't have to struggle outside of its peak efficiency zone. The Vivax Assist is a perfect example of a small motor working with a lot of gears. it weighs less than 2 Kg's. This kit weighs 4 Kg's with Sunstar's lightest battery.

Off road use
This kit can also be de-restricted for off road use, also because the weight of the motor is central the back end is lighter. The low center of gravity with this kit is appreciated too.

The Sunstar SO3+  is very versatile when it come to fitting because it replaces the bottom bracket. It is also has a very quiet motor.

Folding Bikes
The Sunsar Kit works very nicely with many different folding bikes. Also the battery can be removed instantly by key

Display unit
There are 3 levels of assistance depending on the amount of help you need on any given day or time of day, this can be chosen by pressing the M (mode) button. There are 3 LED's to indicate the amount of charge remaining in the battery and an on and off buttons at the bottom of the unit.

300Wh frame battery assembly 29cm long 10cm Diameter
There are 4 battery options available with this kit,
The one to the left is the bullet type and can be mounted with a rail to water bottle bosses it is a 36 volt 300 Wh battery.  
The 400Wh battery option Fits on the Rack. 

This is the 400Wh rack mounted battery

This is the small 2.5 Ah battery shown with the charger and mounting bracket

Above: Sunstar Kit Installation Video

Kit Prices

As Standard Kits come with a 41 tooth pressed steel chainring as priced below.

Option 1. Sunstar Kit with 2.5Ah seat post mounted battery  (approx 5Kg) --- £1020

Option 2. Sunstar Kit with 300Wh  bullet battery (central mounted) (approx 6Kg) )---£1180

Option 3. Sunstar Kit with 400Wh rack mounted battery (approx 7Kg) --- £1370


39 tooth alloy CNC machined chainring and Chainring adapter (including guard)  --- +£60
41 tooth steel CNC machined chainring and Chainring adapter (including guard)  --- +£52
52 tooth alloy CNC machined chainring and Chainring adapter (including guard)  --- +£65
48 tooth steel tooth pressed steel chainring  ------  +£5
Black Crank arms ------ +£4
Dual rotation stopper pack ------ +£10

Individual part prices

2.5Ah Seat post mounted Battery  ------  £170
300Wh Bullet Battery  ------  £360
400Wh Rack mounted battery  ------  £460

Battery Housings
Hanger for bullet battery  ------  £30
Battery rack ------  £70
Seatpost Mount for 2.5Ah battery  ------  £65

Sunstar iBike S03+ Motor Assembly  ------  £650

Chainrings and adapters
39T Black CNC Chain Ring with Guard & Bolts  ------  £30
41T Black CNC Chain Ring with Guard & Bolts  ------  £35
52T Black CNC Chain Ring with Guard & Bolts  ------  £48
41T Stamped Chain ring with Bolts  ------  £9
48T Stamped Chain ring with Bolts  ------  £14
Black Forged Alloy Chainring adapter with Bolts
(for use with alloy CNC Chainrings)  ------  £27

Crank Arms
Crank left and right black  ------  £19
Crank left and right silver  ------  £14

Battery Charger ------  £72
Rotation stopper Kit  ------  £20
Speed sensor  ------  £27
Motor protection plate ------ £25
Motor installation tool ------ £24
LED dispay ------ £30
LCD Display ------ £100