A New Breed... of Custom On and Off-Road Lightweight Electric Bikes.


At Electricmountainbikes.com we're dedicated to, and passionate about making electric bikes a common place mode of transport on our roads, in our forests and about our countryside.
The benefits of electric bikes are countless: - they're health giving, fuel-efficient and time-saving and above all - GREAT FUN!! We use our electric bikes to conquer some of the gruelling 25% hills and endless up hill fire tracks that are often the bane of many cycle missions.
Spending time getting to know the machines we deal with is what we do in our spare time, even though we do tend to remind ourselves constantly that in fact we are "working".

As our web name ElectricMountainBikes suggests, we enjoy to ride our steeds in off road conditions as well as for a romantic pedal down to our local for a couple of well earned jars on a summers' evening. We retro-fit our mountain bikes with Heinzmann conversion kits and take to some of the UK's best swooping fast rolling tracks on the North Yorkshire moors.
With our power hubs engaged, parts of tracks that before did not have the flowing feeling simply because they are uphill, give us a new challenge as we now have more speed on the up-hills than we could have ever dreamt of before! I must say that when I finish a ride I feel just as exercised as I would if I had not had the power, but the big difference is that I feel more energised as the route took half the time and so less time between adrenaline rushes! not to mension that it doesn,t take 3 days to recover from a big day out.
We are constantly tweaking and developing ideas to build the ultimate in on and off road electric biking.
We are also dedicated to working to conserve the environment we live in, for us and our future generations, and that is why we have decided to pour our efforts into a market that desperately needs to create some credibility in these pioneering days for electric vehicles as a whole.

Close to North York moors National Park, Steep hills are abundant, In fact dirt bikes are more the run of the mill around here. Not for me though!! I need to keep pedalling to keep my boat afloat. I need "enough" power to continue enjoying myself as I did before we moved to one of the most hilly parts of the UK. Coupled with reliability and efficiency I found with all the kits I use, they ticked all the boxes. Hill climbing ability was paramount. My hobby has now gladly become my work, which keeps me happy and busy. Recording a blog about that hobby has changed my lifestyle to the extreme. I now have 10 years of experience in bringing together the right bicycle with the right motor and the right battery to help my customers make the right choice. Quality parts are the key. Many dealers can offer you the best of a bunch, but I can find out what is needed and build the complete bike to your requirements. Even basic needs such as a choice of frame sizes are not available with many e bike manufacturers. I build bikes to suit the riders' needs. Almost any type of bike can be converted, whether it is your own bike, an idea, or something from my unique GOAT Bikes range. 
Enjoying the major break throughs with the Gruber assist team (now named the Vivax assist as in VIVA, LIFE!!!, To be ALIVE!!! Now the virtually silent drive system is not just invisible but it goes un-noticed even as it passes you on the trail,road,towpath or wherever you choose to adventure.

-2017- Life has been Great In North Yorkshire this Year !  :)