A New Breed... of Custom On and Off-Road Lightweight Electric Bikes.

Heinzmann electric bikes

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Heinzmann electric bikes are made in Germany - a country that is renowned world over for it's engineering & reliability; their bikes and kits are the BMW's in the electric biking world. Bikes and likewise retofit kits are custom built and configured to order so there are a large array of extras such as upgraded suspension, front forks, rohloff 14 speed gears, right down to upgraded tyres. .They also offer a 2 year warranty on the control gear and 1 year on the battery

Estelle Comfort

£1995 (standard battery)

The comfort comes with a very plush suspended seat post and is easy
and comfortable to ride comes with either 26 or 28" wheels

Estelle Elegance

 £2425 (standard battery)

The Elegance has suspension built onto the front and rear wheels for a smooth ride on bumpy roads. It comes in a fast-sport version and a hill climbing standard version

Estelle Tour

£1995 (standard battery)

The tour estelle as you can see has to be the easiest bike to get on ever. It come in a 26 or 28 inch wheel versions.

Esstelle sport

£2435 (standard battery)
The sport estelle is a smart looking bike, with large 28 inch wheels, a frame for the tallest of folk This model comes either with a road legal hill climbing motor which is slower than the sport speed it's bigger brother, which has a top speed of around 24mph and less toque when it comes to hill climbing. The top quality Lithium battery pack gives 19 or 32 miles range and in total depending on choice of battery.

Bike weight 21.5kgs / 22.5kgs
price £2435 / £2645
Spare battery £385 /£595

General Kit Specifications for all bikes
200W, 36V, Heinzmann hub motor (climb approx 12% hills unassisted)
Digital Control SystemThrottle controlled with ECO-mode2
Battery status on twist-grip
Battery system
Li-Ion 6.0Ah 36V (9.0Ah optional)
LI-Ion 6.0Ah 13 miles
Li-Ion 9.0Ah 20 miles
Charging time 6.4 hours (9.0Ah - 7.5 hours)

Sport bicycle specifications
Frame Size 50cm / 57cm
wheel size 28"
Weight 23.5kg
Brakes Shimano V-Brake
Pedals VP818
Saddle Maxcycles Comfort
Stem Maxcycles Super Lite Ahead
Dynamo Axa HR Traction
Accessories Speedometer Sigma BC 506
Price £2435

Digital System Info
The new digital system incorporates several new features to improve ride and economy.

The digital twist grip now includes a battery status display and push-buttons for on/off and an “ECO” mode.
Battery status LEDs give a true reading of remaining battery capacity

ECO mode allows the user to limit the power delivered to the motor, whilst attaining the full speed range. This allows the rider to extend battery range when high power operation is not required.

Lithium Battery Technology Info
Two new 36V batteries have been introduced to replace the older NiCd and NiMH versions. The new batteries are based on Li-Ion technology and are available in 6.0Ah and 9.0Ah versions, weighing in at 1.9kg and 3.5kg respectively.
Range is estimated at 20miles (30km) for the 6.0Ah version and 32miles (50km) for the 9.0Ah version (Based on average pedalling and 100kg total weight including rider).

Kits come with a single battery although additional batteries can be ordered to either double the range or allow a quick turnaround at your journey end.

These Li-Ion batteries incorporate the best in battery technology and quality and have undergone extensive testing alongside the Heinzmann drive system offering lower weight, increased range and greater flexibility, in terms of charging requirements compared with their predecessors.

The batteries include their own battery management systems and charge status is shown locally on the battery case as well as on the digital twist grip.
The batteries are designed to fit into a removable, weatherproof, soft fabric protection case with locking facilities and may be fitted to either side of the luggage carrier. Also inside a rucksack works well for the offroaders as it keeps the weight of the bike down which improves handling
Battery charging may be carried out on or off the bike.
Charging times for the 6.0Ah and 9.0Ah are around 5 hours and 8 hours respectively.
The weight of the Retrofit kit is approx. 7kg total weight with 1 battery (6.0Ah)
approx and 8.5 kg total weight with 2 batteries (6.0Ah)
Motor weight approx. 3.5kg.
The6.4ah & the 9.0ah batteries weigh 1.9Kg and 3.5 Kg respectively.
Heinzmann make both motors for the front and rear wheel with varying hill climbing abilities and speed capabilities.The Heinzmann kits cater to the on and off road market. There are two types of hand throttles to choose from, either a twist grip "Motorcycle style" throttle or a thumb throttle.
From April 08 Heinzmann have made a few smart changes in the technology department. Firstly they have joined the 21st century with their relentlessly tested lithium technology batteries, thus saying goodbye to the having to discharge your battery completely before recharging to avoid the dreaded memory effect. Now we can recharge after each ride. (much more simple) The Weight of this new technology battery is a fraction of the old Ni Cad and Ni-Mh batteries. Now the new batteries are stored in the neat purpose built pannier on the rack instead of a silver box clamped to the rack, giving it a bit less monster look and a more swish look. Those of us that choose to put the batteries in our rucksacks are enjoying the lighter ride as you can imagine.
The Heinzmann retrofit kit comes with 2 different lithium technology battery sizes to suit range needs and over 20 differently geared and powered motors to choose from, front or rear wheel drive are available and there is a choice of thumb operated or twist grip throttles. Also there is an eco mode button to extend your battery range.
Retrofit Kit Type A: Electric Assist possible with or without pedalling (e-bike) consisting:

Heinzmann Retro fit Kit
• 36V motor
• Twist-grip
• Battery
• Battery soft case
• Control unit
• Battery charger
• Luggage carrier
• Connection cable (front wheel motor kits only)

KIT PRICES from -- £1097 to £1488 depending on specs